An Oldie but a Goodie: Kites

In a meadow fair lived the mouse Ben,
Who fell in love with the squirrel Jen.
He wanted to marry but had not a dime,
“What could I give her that’s shiny and mine?”

He thought and he thought and then he knew,
What he could give that was neither old nor new,
“I know! How about a Star
For what burns brighter than love lit from afar?”

So he called to the moon and asked for her advice,
She told him, “I’ll give you a star but there is a price.”
Up the ladder he climbed with shovel and grin,
He began to loose a star from its pin.

Jen watched from below, wringing her hands,
For she knew sometimes the stars had other plans.
And when he fell from heaven, the Moon took pity.
“He would give you the brightest star in my city.”

And then from a mouse he was quickly turned
She searched high and low but when she learned,
Poor Jen cried in relief, then sighed,
She pleaded with the goddess, who replied

“I’ll give him back, if only I knew,
which of my constellations I made him into…”
She extended her hand as a friend,
“You must find him yourself, and only then,
Fear not, don’t despair, not all is lost,
But everything changes, it comes with a cost.”

Jen searched high and low, pry and pull
But some stars were too hot ,others too cool
Finally she found him! Shaped like a rose
When she touched his hand they both froze

Falling from the heavens, both intertwined
They really were in a pickle, a real bind
Suddenly they gasped, feeling lighter
They were coasting on wing flaps and fur

Laughing with joy, they glided higher, they flew!
For a new journey, they were forged anew


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