Freewrite: Love

I disagree that love is seeing all flaws and accepting them.

That is infatuation.

Love would not stand for mistreatment.
Love is just. She would not turn her eyes from the sins that are thrust upon the innocent. Love rewards love, while she spurns hate. Pain and sorrow are her enemy.
Laying down her weapons To bed with the Devils? No.

That is not love, but fear. Love knows fear well and she despises him. Fear declares war on love and acceptance. He would hold them hostage. They would tremble under his rule. He would make them marionettes. For when fear is done playing with his dying victims, he rends their clothing and dresses himself up. It is in this way that he goes to fool the innocent, preying upon their rich, creamy souls for sustenance.

Love accepts flaws, not fear nor mistreatment.

Love is married to trust and respect. Together they beget a wonderful family together: honor, humility, grace, courage, empathy, and of course more love and respect.

Without trust, without respect, we lose everything.

If someone can not be trusted or does not respect those around them, you can not love them. They can not love you.

Trust and respect starts with ourselves. We must trust and respect AND DEMAND it in return.

That is the only way LOVE overcomes flaws.


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