Where’s my drink?

I’d just run a mile in another’s shoe
With my feet all covered in glue
My energy began to wane, taper
I felt like I was walking on sandpaper
I reached the finish line, my face pink
Now, where did I put my drink?
Let me think
It’s not on the fence post
And not on the ground
Did I leave it with the host
Was that glass skinny or round?
I looked until I have given up the ghost
And then I heard a slurping sound
Aha! I know where I put my drink
Hey you get back here, I’ll box your ear!
Phew that stinks!
So now I know when I want a drink
and not tomato dunk
To put a lid on to ward off Mr Skunk
Now if you excuse me, I must wash off this gunk


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