Dear God

I saw Satan today, but he wasn’t like you described him.
He looked a lot like someone’s father, brother, son.
He took them out, one by one.
Nobody told me that Satan carried a gun.

See I was told he was someone I could defeat.
Someone who tempted, tested, but I could entreat..
I thought I could call on you as the strength left my feet.
To my knees I fall, I fall in defeat.

See Satan is not a blackened outline I fill in with my sins.
He’s the child of rage we’ve teased with sharp pins.
He counts bodies as his wins.
And morals he throws into the sea,
And why, why, ask we?

We sit in judgement on glass thrones
Hiding behind the rocks we’ve thrown
Why? Why, ask we?
Turning my eyes slowly, I see.

A daughter, a sister, a friend,
A demon spawn from the Eternal Fiend
I cannot not judge him the devil, when within
Satan really looks like me.


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