Free Write: The Dreamer, Part 2 [really rough draft but my computer kept messing up]

Gene Wong had a choice, Dr. Goldstein explained to him as she strapped him into the chair.

“You can help us predict THEIR next move or,” she winked and brandished a syringe. It was like a bad written sci-fi novel, Gene thought, full of cliches. But, his very cold bare ass glued to the pleather [because the company was committed to appearing Eco-friendly].

His eyes darted around the crowded room. “Wait-wait!”

Martin, the smarmy bastard, sneered at him. “We haven’t got time for you to jerk off first Wong.”

“Tell your blow up doll I said hi then,” Gene snapped back.

One of the other white coats held Martin in check as Gene continued to plead. “I need more time.”

“Well time is one commodity we don’t have Dr.”

Gene shook his head. “I just want to make sure I see the right pattern! That’s all. What if I get it wrong, we die right?”

Silence. “Do you have an antidote?”

“Yeah, kill the bastard.”

Martin rubbed his eyebrows. “SOMEONE already thought of that Goldstein. That’s why Wong is here, he’s the best option we have?”

Gene furrowed his eyebrows. “What about Furhman? Ridya? Katdare?”

“Dead. Dead. Missing,” Goldstein said, ticking off her gnarled fingers.

Gene swallowed, looked up at the metal helmet hovering above him. “Are you sure about this, isn’t there?”

Martin motioned to Goldstein, and Gene heard a click.

The white coats maneuvered to their battle stations as the helmet dropped into place. Gene shut his eyes, hopefully not for the last time.

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2 thoughts on “Free Write: The Dreamer, Part 2 [really rough draft but my computer kept messing up]

  1. It’s good to see a first draft, sometimes, in my case, because sometimes, even with a prompt, I’ll be blocked and have trouble completing a piece because I’m obsessed with perfection. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!


    • A wise man once told me that perfect is the enemy of good. I know how it feels to write something and sit back thinking, “this is terrible.” In reality, I bet it’s not bad. Might not be a masterpiece, but it’s mine, and I did the best I could, right?
      So don’t despair, every time you come to the page, you get a little better. Your prose gets tighter, the dialogue more realistic, better characterization. Last year a writer friend told me that I was good, but could stand to improve. It was true.
      So I sat down and wrote every day. Six months later he compared my newer work to Flannery O’Connor. And now a year later, my work is much more refined than before, but I still have mountains to climb.
      I look forward to reading more from you as well.

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