Free write: A Wife for Lucian

Many things could be said of Gaius. He was as short and stocky as his temper, and his wit sharp as the double edged blade he wielded. But the most remarkable thing was his willingness to help his friends.

The capital was full of thievery and knavery. For every honest man, there were ten ready to slit his throat. Knowing this, Gaius soon found that only one truly proved himself: Lucian.

An up and coming patrician, Lucian had everything he wanted in life, except the coveted majority seat. He was a likeable man, found of words and men alike. Yet,the council required their leaders to be married. Would Lucian that he could wed one of his young men, but the gods and the men who created them forbid it.

“We must find him a wife,” Gaius told his wife.

“Can he not just take one of the slaves?” She asked.

” He would no sooner take a chained woman than he would cut his testicles off.”

However, finding a free woman who would turn her head at her husband’s predilections would prove challenging.

After sacking a small city near Corioles, Gaius presided over awarding the spoils of war.

“Bring me the most beautiful women to the tent.”

Three women were brought before the great commander and he looked them over.

“Which of you would come willingly with me? I would not have you for my own, but another. He has a terrible temper and drinks often. You must obey him,” Gaius said, pacing to and fro. “But he is a rich man.”

The women who were cowering began to straighten. “Rich?” one said. “How rich?”

Gaius smiled. “It matters not. You must pick one of my prisoners as your servant.”

A comely woman with brown ringlets and black eyes stepped forward, and Gaius unbound her. Later that week he presented the girl and her serving girl, for another woman begged, and a young man.

Lucian graciously accepted his bride and they wed the following day. With a wife on his arm, Lucian’s ascent to power had finally began to take off. He finally saved enough to buy an estate near the grain mill.

When the Gaius and his wife visited the following summer, he found Lucian with a spring in his step and an infant child that looked suspiciously like the man servant.

It was then Lucian’s wife cornered Gaius. “You told me he was a drunk and an abuser! Why?”

“And was he not as bad as I said?”

“Of course not!”

Gaius raised his eyebrows. “So you are satisfied?”

She smiled and stared at the servant boy. “Often.”

She bent forward to Gaius and his wife Virgilia. “We share the boy. You should try it!”

Virgilia was horrified at the idea , not that Gaius wanted to share his wife a with another man or woman.


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