Free write: A Story Told in Drabbles part 9

Marjorie nearly choked on her heart as the man stared back at them.
All the months of hiding, scrounging for food seemed for nought.
Marjorie turned to her siblings, kissed them both. If God would have no mercy, then perhaps the devil would.
It was then she noticed the man’s gaze shift to her sister Edie.
She shuddered. So it was to be like that.
“Wie sine sie?” She asked.  Who are you?
“A friend.”
Tall, slim, high cheek bones, she could practically see a Union Jack branded on his uniform.
He began to walk their way, with a noticeable limp.
“I mean you no harm. I’m cold.” He pointed at the fire.
Marjorie pointed at the ground, “that’s far enough.”
She signaled to Edie, who kicked the rifle to her. Picking it up, she swallowed her heart down, hoping the gun would still fire and that he couldn’t see her terror.
Edie pulled some meat off the spit and began to divide it up.
The man was looking at Edie again, like he would devour her.
“She’s not on the menu. But I am.”


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