Free write: character study

The audience stepped into Ross Benton’s hand as he waddled back and forth over the stage. For it’s part, the stage would have been captivated had it not struggled to hold him.

“Now folks, we’ve got to work together as a community. Let’s not panic.”

His twanging tenor soothed the ears of some of citizens, save for Ma Graelee.

“We can’t let ,” Ross paused to count on his fingers. “5 deaths defeat us.”

She glared at his immense form and spat out a wad of tobacco.

The stage groaned as he stood in the center.

“It’s a shame that sharks don’t eat the right people,” Ma said to her husband.

“Don’t be so hateful Ma,” Pa replied.

At that moment the stage gave up the fight, swallowing Ross whole.

Ma Graelee chuckled and Pa just shook his head.


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