Freewrite: The Liola

“Well I’ll be damned.”

Uncle Ernie stared at his trap.

“Kayla, come ‘er, I caught a Iiola.”

The little girl in dirt soaked overalls skipped over, bright red eyes shining underneath her shock of orange hair.

“What’s a lee-ew-lay?” she said.

Ernie pointed at the trap with his cane. A clicking noise came from within the rootu wired contraption.

Kayla clapped her hands. “Are we gonna to eat it?”

Uncle Ernie chuckled, holding back his tears and trying to ignore everyone’s growling belly. “No, of course not child. Liolas are a delicacy, they are the queen’s sacred animal.”

“But- but the queen isn’t here,” Kayla said. She stood up straight, trying to reason with him. No one would know.

“Oh, but she would know. They say she’s got eyes everywhere, even on the back of her head,” Uncle Ernie whispered. His milky eyes scanned the trees as he spoke.

The trap shook and the beast shook it’s purple-black dappled coat, Kayla poked at it with her foot. Stupid liola.

“What do we do?” Kayla scratched her elbow.

They both stared at the beast as it purred and chittered at them. “I suppose we could present it to the Huntsman.”

Ernie loaded the trap onto the sleigh with Kayla, and they drove towards the cabin.

“What are we gonna eat?” Kayla wondered, glancing at the stupid liola and it’s stupid corkscrew teeth.

“I imagine this one will fetch a fair price.” Uncle Ernie hummed a familiar tune.

The fool, Kayla thought. You can’t eat gold.


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