Freewriting: All the furry, furry creatures

Edgar the Rabbit stared at the garden, salivating at the sight of carrot tops swaying in the breeze.
He thumped, once, twice, and was joined by Dorothy, his little sister.
“Is the coast clear?” she asked.
Edgar opened his mouth, but she hopped off before he could finish.
“Do-do!” Edgar called after her. “Be careful!”
He glanced back and forth, but the farmer’s door was shut. The porchlight was off and the wicker rocking chair moved gently in the evening breeze.
Dorothea sat up, mouth full of carrot, “Yush try thus! Comer!”
Edgar swiveled around, sniffing the air. He glanced at the doghouse. Oh no.
“Shh!” He began to make his way over. “If you don’t keep it down, the-”
Doro froze, food falling out of her mouth.
The porch light flicked on and they herd the farmer stumbled out, cursing at the old dachshund, Yosef.
“Run!” Edgar cried.
They fled through the back entrance of the garden, the pounding of the fat dog sounding like the drums of war.
Bullets zinged past, just as they dove into the hovel, followed closely by Yosef.
Edgar backed in the corner, shielding Dorothea as the dog panted and groaned, trying to pull himself through the door.
And then Dorothea began to laugh.
“He’s too fat to fit!” She wheezed and chortled.
“Do-do!” Edgar chuckled. “That’s not nice!”
“Grrrr,” Yosef said. “Oh you’ll laugh now but when I get my-”
He yelped, and was drug backwards out of the hole.
They heard the farmer curse at the dog..
“Next time wait until sundown!” Yosef offered. “You can have the damn carrots for all I care.”


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