Freewriting 10: Pine Sol

I’ve come to the conclusion that Pine Sol makes a terrible mouth wash. I know, I know. You would expect it to taste like citrus or pine. But when I shuffled into my bathroom this morning and chanced upon it, well it reminded that cleaners were best left for cleaning.

I was disappointed to say the least, since I’d had a run in with Fabuloso last week and it was quite pleasant. It tastes flowery at first, and after the trip to the local ER I perked up like a daisy. But I’ve gone off topic again.

Pine Sol tasted nothing like a forest nor a lemon orchard. It’s quite hard to place, but I’ve decided it’s a delicate balance of: my tongue is burning and I may vomit. The latter just proved to be right on the money. And that is why I will never gargle it’s piney essence again.

Now, where for is my Listerine?


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