Freewrite 8?? I can’t keep track

I don’t know how  he did it. Perhaps it was the glittering blue eyes or the blonde curls. A man whom I had loathed since toddlerhood had snatched the most precious thing to me: me.

Or maybe it was his perpetual Cheshire grin? That’s it, his bright smile blinded me, thus I fell into his trap. What a comfortable trap it was though. No, no I mustn’t think that way!

I try to snarl and glare my way out of his binds, but his hearty chuckles incensed me. And the more I struggled, the more I became entangled in his little scheme.

Even now he looks at me with a smirk as he lifts the veil from my eyes and steals a kiss. I don’t know he did it, led me dumbly to the altar where I sacrificed my bachelor status. But I now I think it most certainly was his loving hands.


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