Orphaned drabble [might do something with this one]

Hello, my name is Delia St. Cyr and I’m a kleptomanic. There. Now we’re introduced.
It started innocently enough, doesn’t it always though? It was small things.
First I came home from work parched at 8pm, opened up my purse, and discovered a stash of pens. The third night it happened I sighed. I had become a pen snatcher.
Later as I thought it over with my second glass of merlot, it seemed useful.
But as the months went by and my work schedule became more hectic, I found my horde diversifying. Keys, trinkets, candy. When I drank the night before I always got to best surprises. One morning I discovered I’d inherited a shiner and a new pair of diamond earrings.
And then I brought home the box. I’m not sure where exactly I picked it up, possibly the wedding, but it was locked. No amount of keys I’d nicked had opened it. I was stumped. Time to break out the big boys.


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