Making time for passion

I promised myself this year that I would write more, but towards the end of 2014 I found myself making excuses for not writing or reading. I was too tired, too stressed, etc. Frankly, that’s bull. Not that I’m not exhausted or about to have a breakdown, but everyone has their own problems. Every writer/poet/artist/etc has their own demons and challenges.

I think I was getting bored. Or impatient. Boy am I ever impatient. Which is strange for a Capricorn, but I’m also nearly Aquarian. While it’s true that I can’t NOT write [thumbs nose at grammar nazis], I CAN write BETTER. But like anything else, improvement requires PRACTICE. So I’ll be doing freewriting and poetry to loosen me up.

So, you’ll see a lot of that and the drabbles. Occasionally I’ll post a short story, but right now I’ve got to feed the Muse.


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