Jon Snow

You’re supposed to write what you know
But what if you’re Jon Snow
And you’re naive and young and green
What wisdom from you can we glean?
But is not innocence lost
A story itself?
How much do you cost
What’s your wealth?
Can you pay with passion
Or is blood the real truth?
Is modesty still in fashion
Tell us forsooth!
Can you remember a time before time
Or a time before you knew
That every mistake is not a crime
That you cannot undo
So Jon Snow tell me a story
Don’t leave out the darkness or gory
Or the bits where you fumbled
With hunger or weakness you crumbled
Tell me how in pain you were humbled
How she laughed when you mumbled
How you cried when she grew cold in your arms
How you realized there is not safety from Their harms
Tell me Jon Snow
What do you know?


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