The Widder Family (rough draft)

There was a family in the valley of giants, who had built their home in the tree tops. A maze of ropes and wires anchored them to the oak bark.

They were an odd sort, the Widder family. Dozens of children hanging from the ropes like little heathens. Unlike you and me, why they walked on all of their limbs! And Mother Widder used to have a time weaving clothes for them.

Can you just imagine sewing eight legged pants? Why, you’d never stop.

But they were a hairy sort, the Widder family, and after yet another pants pair was worn out, Mother Widder decided to let them run around in their all together.

The scandal that caused in the Spider colony almost shamed them into leaving. Whoever heard if an unclothed arachnid?

But there was so many Widders in the valley, well it became fashionable to crawl around naked.
And so that is why spiders no longer wear pants.

Now feeding all those naked spiderlings? Well that’s a story for another time.


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