A Christmas gift: Memoir

I’ve taken to the idea of writing my Grandparents memoir for Xmas. They’re both in their 90s, so they won’t be around much longer to consult on it. They both have led such incredible lives. Anyway.

Here’s an exercise I did to get in the mode….

“I always want to run, but I guess it’s just in the blood. My great-grandaddy Ackerman was a conductor on the Key West-Jacksonville line. My granddaddy Spears  was just Huckleberry all over again, a true box car child. And grandma? She joined the Navy and hitched a ride up to NY for training. As for my daddy, I rarely saw him as a child, he was a fisherman at night and construction worker by day. He was always gone, even if it was just to work.”

I’m warming up this this style. For now, I’m just brainstorming how and where I want to begin this little project.


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