The Legend of Ramona Breeze (unfinished rough draft)

Some people are dragged kicking and screaming into the next world. But Ramona Breeze drifted out in much the same way she came in. They say she was born of the Southern Sea and the Eastern Trade Winds, others swear she sprang out from Zeus’s mouth. Still more recollect she most likely was conceived of Women’s Anger and Dogged Husbands.

She would turn up at inopportune times: a first date, harvest time, a babe’s first outing. She seemed fond of spring mornings and funeral showers. She played tug of war with the laundry and children’s balloons.

And tug she did at the heart strings of Joseph Will. He was steady as the rising sun, but prone to gloomy moods.

Ramona charmed her way into his heart and soon his mind. Neither took heed of his gut, so she played him like the finest Strativarius.

She played “Fire on the Mountain” before giving him the Devil’s Thrill. In this way they waltzed together.

And before he could made her Ramona the Still, she left as was her will.

Ramona sailed out on the summer trade winds. She left a warm touch in her wake and the soft song that aches in his heart.

But now soothing as aloe, Amos Will cooed up at his father. And the hole in both their hearts drifted shut.


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