Without End Amen

Tom hated her. He glared up at his mother, baleful blue eyes welling up with tears.
“But why Mommy?”
She rolled her eyes, rubbed her enormous stomach.
“Thomas, darling, I can’t right now…..”
Tom pouted. She always let him sit in her lap.
“But whyyy…”  His voice began to twang and whine.
His mother grit her teeth, glanced down at her belly.
“It might hurt your sister.”
Tom was confused, he looked over at his big sister.
“But Marlee is over there?”
“Not me doofus!”
Marlee was sent to her room, but not before she ruffled Tom’s hair.
“Heads up doofus, you’re not the baby anymore. You’re number two”
At this Tom began to cry and it took twenty minutes for his mother to give up trying to calm him down.
“I don’t wanna to be number two. I wanna be the baby.”
His mother settled for rubbing circles on his back, shushing him.
“Do you still l-love me?” Tom hiccuped.
“Of course I do. ”
“B-but.. how? There’ll be too manyof us.”
She dared to chuckle at him!
“Mommy’s love has no limit. I love all of you.”
He brightened at this.
“Even Marlee?”
He pointed at his sister who was sneaking in.
Marlee spent the evening in time out.


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