Drabble 94


Sid grunted, picked wax out of his listening horns.

Ollie stared at a massive furry beast. “Sid, I think your cousin Stu is here.”

It was covered in a green down from claws to paws. Two bulging sacs of grey sat atop its head, fluttering shut. Blood trickled from what Ollie thought was a mouth. He was unable to make out any other facial features.

Sid belched, stood up. The floor boards moaned under his weight as he hobbled over.

“Aunt Florence!” Sid barked. The beast chirped. “Come in, make yourself at home!”

Ollie pulled Sid to the side. “Aunt? How can you tell?”

“By her lipstick.”

“Her lipstick? I thought that was blood!”

“It is.”

Sid joined his Aunt on the couch then, and a chorus of farts, grunts, and squeaks followed.

Ollie left the door open to air the place out. Just once, he’d like the house to not smell like fresh ass.

“Guess it really does run in the family.”


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