Drunk drabbles with a touch of poetic justice

In vino veritas said one wise man to the masses. Verily I say unto you, I have delved into the ways of a lush tonight.
Yeehaw. Be warned.

Oh, but what flows from my mind to yours is simply truth
I hide behind it, whilst I coach it from others
And for my efforts, I’ve become Ruth
And too often my way smothers

Is it wise to drink whilst in the bath? I draw one for myself and lay about until I’m a prune. My brain has pickled too, and my limbs thrash about like a marooned roach.

But what say you, say you dearly
What comes between us cost me nearly
My heart or that organ I call thus
The beating of it in time with our lust

I find myself sobering, overbearing aches
I’ll drown out these thoughts no matter what it takes


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