The Dragon and the Unicorn

One day Diaz the Dragon was hungry, but too tired to hunt
“Hmm, what’s good to eat, I’ve already had a lamb, but he was a runt!”
In the woods he spied, Alessandra the unicorn. “Hmm,” thought he,
“Why if I ate her, I’d have the strength of three!”
But how to lure her in, close enough for his paws?
“I’ve got it! Why she’ll step right into my jaws!”
He laid near her drinking spot with a groan.
“Oh dear, have you a spare eye to loan?
See, I’ve had too many sweets and treats
I’ve not got much stomach for meats.”
She laughed, “Why it seems sir, I understand the gravity,
you’ve gone and given yourself a cavity.”
“Would you be so kind as to look?
Here, stand in my mouth by that tooth with a crook!”
And she did. Diaz snapped shut his mouth,
But instead of her, he caught her horn with a shout!
“Ha!” said Alessandra the unicorn. “That’ll teach you!”
“Never bite off more than you can chew!”

I was going through an old notebook this morning and found this gem. So I typed it up and edited it quite a bit. Hope you enjoy.


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