Drabble 72

11:57 pm. Three minutes left.
Agent G hurried through the throng of tourists.
He stopped and looked around. According to the GPS, he was standing on top of his destination.
But where was the bag? 11:58. He had two minutes to make this happen.
Sweat coated his neck and palms, the phone now slippery in his grasp.
Where was it?
11:59. The device strapped to him ticked away, oblivious to his mounting distress.
Agent G was walking in circles. And then she slammed into him, a tall drink of a woman. She shoved the briefcase into his hands and slipped her hand underneath his coat.
It all happened so fast he felt had imagined it. 12:00. He held his breath.
12:01.The cell phone began to ring.
“Congratulations. Now here’s your next step….”


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