Drabble Thirty-five

His hands moved over the keys like two giant spiders, effortlessly spinning a haunting melody. A grin spread across his face as a long shadow fell across the piano forte.
“Sister Kathleen. Sit.”
“You wanted to see me?” she asked, slipping a hand into her sleeve.
His fingers resumed playing, slowly threading Sister Kathleen into a trance.
Bang! The windows and doors slammed shut, altar candles blazing to life.
Her eyes snapped open as his lips found her neck. Gripping the vial, Kathleen ripped it from her sleeve pocket and smashed against his shoulder. Hissing, he shoved her away from him. She reached for her rosary and he pulled out his own.
Panting, she began to chant Latin.
“What are you doing Sister Kathleen?” He growled.
“Exorcising you! Out demon!”
He laughed. “Who said I was a demon?”


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