Drabble 82 – “The Gunnersson Nithing Pole”

The Ahlstrom/Gunnersson feud started innocently enough.
Two centuries ago, the Ahlstroms raised the Nithing pole against their neighbors the Gunnerssons.
Konrad, the patriarch had discovered his daughter Karina in the barn with Magnus, the second eldest Gunnersson boy.
So he seized the youths by their ears and marched Magnus over to his house. Mrs. Gunnersson scolded her son, but her husband Erik took great offense. He had to be restrained from hitting Konrad.
Konrad forbid the boy from seeing his precious daughter
Later that night Magnus snuck back over to the Ahlstrom’s and Karina eloped with him to America.
Both families were furious. Konrad accused them of aiding their son in “kidnapping” his daughter.
And so the Nithing pole went up, Konrad demanding Magnus return with Karina.
Several months later, Magnus and Karina sent one letter announcing a grandchild was on the way and that they were going to America.
They were never heard from again, , the Nithing pole once a symbol of revenge became one of regret.


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