Drabble 66- “The Escapist”

Anita stared at the handsome gentleman standing in front of a red velvet curtain.

“”I’ve got a new trick I’m practicing. Care to help, love?” He asked.

The perky little blonde nodded like a bobble head. He grinned, then showed her behind the curtain and pointed at a tall wardrobe.

“Are you claustrophobic?”

She shook her head, squeaking as he gave her a chaste kiss on the lips and winked. He sealed the wardrobe. Then knocked.

“Everything alright?”

She gave an affirmative. “Found Narnia yet?” Chuckles echoed off the cherry wood.

He reached for the swords and pierced the wardrobe as he had been shown. Then, he rotated it in a circle, stopped, and opened it.

The perky blonde smiled at him before she toppled to the ground, blood spurting from her jugular. He sighed and wiped the blades clean.

The Escapist placed her body back in the wardrobe next to the other skeletons, giving her a peck on the forehead.

“I can never seem to get that part right. Sorry love.


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