Drabble 54

They were great monstrous things, the beasts that lit upon my house the night of the Hunt.
I had gone to bed just past 9, when I heard a clatter downstairs. Promptly, I rose with my cricket bat, and inched my way down the creaking steps. A loud grunt, a few snorts, and a rather insistent growl gave me pause as I stood in the hall by the kitchen.

Thunder crashed above, and the lightning that chased it illuminated the figure terrorizing my dark pantry. With a horse-like head and blooded antlers and razor sharp nails, it snarled at me. I shrank away from the creature as it began to advance upon me. I sprang to the front door and flung it aside. There I encountered a dozen giants on horseback, and they wore the skulls of ibex and were cloaked in thick furs. Rather than dismount they rush back, and through me towards the beast, which began to howl. They dragged it from my house, it clutching at the doorway at they went.

No sooner had they passed than I found myself in my bed again, though I have no recollection of how I got there. Throwing off my furs I ran down to the scene of the crime, lantern in hand.
Everything was again in its place. I ran then to the door, dashing out into the storm. It was then I found my doorway marred: ten vertical slashes, five for each side, were clawed into the wood. I ran my hand over them, the splinters drawing a tiny river of blood.


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