Drabble 81 – A.E. Rivenbark

The day Jamal picked a fight with a spitting cobra will always remain etched in his mind. He was in a hurry to woo his lady love and didn’t notice the serpent Naja slowly sliding over the sand. It was early and the poor scaly thing was cold.

And he stepped on her.

The snake voiced her disapproval.

“Ouch! How dare you tread on my beautiful ssssscalesss?! You sssshould watcchhhh wear you’re going!”

Jamal puffed his chest out.

“You shoulda moved faster! What are you gonna to do ’bout it?”

Naja reared back as he circled her.

He lashed at her with a whip.

“Ssssss..” That’ll teach that slimey naga, he thought.

“See that! You’re all talk snake!”

She opened her mouth and spit venom at Jamal, grinning as he began to scream.

“Sssseeee that?”

Naja slithered off. “You really should watccchhhhh where you’re going.”

But Jamal no longer could watch anything.


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