Drabble 80 [Molly Pitcher]

Molly coughed and continued ramming the ball into the cannon. Her hands were blistered over and sweat stained what was left of her dress.
“Again! Put your backs into it!” the General yelled.
She hurried to the next cannon, crouching behind the line as she went. Maggie Mac waved at her in passing,water hoisted over her shoulders. The ground shook and Maggie’s eyes began to ring like bells.
She fingered her rosary, tucked it back into her corset and heaved a cannonball. Her legs felt heavy, but she couldn’t give up. Wouldn’t give up.
The soldiers gestured to her, “Ready?”
Smoke and gunpowder filled the air. And bodies littered the ground.
Molly crossed herself, nodded to the field doctors, hoping her husband would make it.
May God be with us all, she thought.


One thought on “Drabble 80 [Molly Pitcher]

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