Drabble no. 77

The ruddy moonlight glinted off the bow as Aurya picked her target. She could only make out their eyes from here, shivering as the beasts brayed in the dark. They’d taken Nasibi.

Banipala. About ten of them clustered together near the shrine, bobbing and weaving their long necks.

She eased closer and wrinkled her snout. Aurya felt her knuckles crack, claws digging into the bowstring. It wouldn’t do to break another one. But God, the stench though.

The beasts must have just shared a kill, and perhaps rolled around in the intestines. Her eyes narrowed. They’d taken Nasibi.

One lowed, and she let the arrow fly. The pack exploded into action and she found herself on the defensive, nine Banipala snapping at her hooves as she blew the horn.

Her tribe thundered towards her, shields and spears held high, the whiz of the arrows clipping her. The Banipala bellowed as they were felled. They’d taken Nasibi from them,their beloved sister.

And she was given a martyr’s funeral.

A tear escaped Aurya’s eyes as she tossed barley into the pyre.


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